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Army - Special Forces

Our training applications offer several benefits for Defence military personnel, including increased readiness, improved decision-making skills, and enhanced situational awareness. They also provide a cost-effective and safe way to train military personnel in a variety of scenarios, including those that may be too dangerous or logistically difficult to replicate in real life.


Government security refers to the measures and strategies put in place by governments to protect their citizens, infrastructure, and sensitive information from external and internal threats. Government security encompasses a wide range of areas, including national defense, border security, intelligence gathering, cybersecurity, and emergency management.

Private Sector

Whether Airfields, substations critical infrastructure, oil or gas refineries, or chemical plants have been largely unprotected, putting public and environmental safety at risk.

Our systems can monitor extremely large areas with a high level of accuracy. 

With Tensec systems you are able to monitor several facilities from a central command post with extremely high reliability.

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