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Video Tracking System

Long-range surveillance system



  •  Border Surveillance

  •  Airport runway traffic tracking

  • Aircraft tracking

  •  Missile launches

  •  Air Targets tracking

  •  Force Protection

  •  Coastal Surveillance


With integrated High Definition thermal mid-wave imaging camera, High Definition daylight camera, Automatic thermal Video Tracking, and optionally Laser Range Finder.


The Tensec AB Tracker is based on our high-speed Pan & Tilt with an integrated power box, wifi link, and GPS sensor. We have the solution for all kinds of environments and weather conditions.

Mobile Surveillance 

A new generation of mobile surveillance applications, Tensec AB mobile surveillance solutions combine multi-sensor thermal imaging systems with image tracking capabilities and tactical command and control software. These integrated solutions are the key to performing in the most demanding environments. Tensec AB trackers can be mounted anywhere on any vehicle, this supports the driver and the observer with visual confirmation of the surrounding area.

Fixed Surveillance 

Tensec AB combines coverage and performance with stationary surveillance solutions to secure the most effective results like border protection, Airport runway traffic tracking, vessel traffic monitoring, coastal surveillance, and any other land-based mission requiring.

We can integrate our sophisticated components into custom solutions to perform 24/7 in a 360° range for detection and tracking.

Tensec is focused on finding new ways to secure Areas and  Borders in combination with light UAVs for investigation.

Border Surveillance 

Tensec border surveillance systems combine the best performance and coverage, and maximum reliability.
The combination of Thermal cameras, radars, and UAVs offers a 360° surveillance solution for detection, investigation, and tracking.
Cost-effective - highest performance of detection and low false alarm rates. Tensec surveillance solutions combine all day, all night, and in any weather conditions. System for best price and quality made in Sweden.

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